What we do and how we do it...

If you are new to website or software development, you need to know that the success of a project is dependant on the level of planning and research completed before the project commences.

Here at The DubDot Company, all of our website development begins with an Initial Consultation Interview. This records the clients main goals for the website, text and graphic content to be displayed, design style (conservative, business, informal etc.) and any other design considerations that may be relevant. Following this, the client is then sent an Estimate Letter, and Contract detailing work to be completed, which upon signing, is a legally binding document, to protect both the client and the developer against important issues such as copyright infringements.

Technical Design

A functional and technical specification ensures that the developer and the client know exactly what's required to be developed - at The DubDot Company, there is no room for second guesses!

DataBase Design

We develop custom database systems for small to medium sized websites.

Whether you need to manage stock, track sales activity, keep track of your clients, manage in-house processes, record transactions or simply help manage your day, we can build a web based system to meet your exact needs.

All of our database development is built using the industry standard MySQL Database platform. All of the programming for dynamic sites is powered by the flexible, fast and secure Coldfusion language.


Need to have an online shopping cart? Want to process transactions in real-time? Call us today to see how we can help integrate a fully managed, real time solution for credit card payment processing for your store.

Content Management System (CMS)

Want to be in control of your website? A custom made Content Management System puts the ball in your hands. You are able to be in full control of updating, adding, and deleting content on your very own site. Complete with 'wysiwyg' editor, image upload, slideshow functionality, and much more, you will be in total control of the content for your clients. There is absolutely no need to call us once you take control of a custom built Content Management system designed by The DubDot Company!


Want your site hosted in New Zealand? Prefer an off-shore solution? Want fast, reliable backups in the event of a disaster? Need to have a 99.9% up-time for your site? Then contact The DubDot Company to see how our hosting services can benefit your business.

If you require more information on any of the services we can provide to your small business , please contact us.